Crystal Cave

This recent find in Mexico is absolutely incredible. The crystal cave is filled with Selenite crystals so huge it truly baffles my mind, apparently the largest crystals ever discovered. This one is for all the crystal size queens out there...You know who you are!

Crystal FAQ's

What could be better to start off the OpalOwl blog than to feature an overview of FAQ related to crystals and crystal healing? Why reinvent the wheel when my teacher and founder of the Crystalis Institute and Crystal Resonance Therapy has an excellent radio show that deals with this very topic!

Naisha Asihan is an expert on the subject of Crystals and Healing and this episode called Crystal Theory 2 - Crystal FAQ's.

"Does size matter? Does polishing a crystal hurt or change its energy? How important is color in crystal healing? When a stone breaks, can it still be used? These and other frequently asked crystal questions will be addressed in this must-listen 1 hour show! Naisha will be pulling out the stops (as usual) in sorting out folklore from fact and offering her opinions on the subjects of crystals and crystal healing."