Amethyst is an important wind element stone. Its luscious lilac and deep purple hues remind us of winter, of icy cool sunsets.  It also stirs up a hope for spring, really It’s not far now!

We are all getting a bit stir crazy and it’s time to let some of those winter habits slip into the past. Amethyst to the rescue, this seemingly mundane stone is a classic for helping with addictions of all kinds. Don’t let this beauty pass you by, it's great at cleansing spaces, keep it nearby when you are ill to shift and clear that energy. Carry a piece with you while you quit that “thing” that’s no longer serving you; a person, an addiction or an affliction (only you know what's not working for you). Let this lilac gem support you as we shift seasons and welcome the increasing light!

Gearing up for a cleanse, a detox or a shift in lifestyle? The spring is the perfect time to do it! Book a session and allow yourself to be supported energetically though this process. Release and clear whatever it is that’s no longer serving you!

As a bonus all new and returning Opal Owl clients who book sessions this month will receive a 25% discount per session when they book 2 or more sessions in a row. (Sessions need to be booked in advance and within one month of each other). Take advantage of this great offer and email today to book your appointments.

Allow for new beginnings, the winds of change and transformation are upon us and the sweet energy of amethyst is supporting you.

Leslie Peters
- Reiki Practitioner and certified Crystal Resonance Therapist™

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