Opal Owl: July 2010 Newsletter

July 2010 Newsletter
 image courtesy of Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com  

Amber: The Element of Fire 
With summer officially in full swing, my first sunburn of the season, the
Eyjafjallajokull eruption in Iceland on our heals and the 30-year
anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens, the element of fire
has been heavy on my mind. Fire is a force of destruction, as well as
the element that gives us the passion to create and manifest. Fire is
movement of energy, a necessary force in healing, cleansing,
manifestation and of letting go. Some fire element stones include
carnelian, sunstone and malachite. One that I have been drawn to using
a lot lately is amber, while not a fire element stone (it's an earth
element), and while technically not a stone at all (it's actually
fossilized botanical resins), it to me embodies the element of the sun
in physical form. It is warming and soothing like the rays of the sun,
but simultaneously connects us to the plants and trees from which it
comes. It is a stone that enhances physical vitality, giving us access
to the energy of the sun even on the darkest days. If you have amber,
be it jewellery or a raw piece, I urge you pull it out of the closet or
jewellery box its in, slip it into your pocket, onto your wrist or into
your environment allowing the rays of purification to cleanse your
body, mind, spirit and space.

Opal Owl: July Special
Opal Owl is now offering custom-made gem elixirs. Gem elixirs are energetic
support tools that assist you in continuing your healing work after and
in between Crystal Resonance Therapy™ sessions. These elixirs are
essentially distilled water and gel silica that has been brought into
resonance with particular crystals and energetic frequencies, to assist
you in maintaining a specific vibration or frequency in between
sessions, further facilitating, aiding and empowering you through your
healing process. The general dosage is 3 drops three times a day, but I
always instruct clients more specifically when preparing their
particular blend. 

While there are many quality gem elixirs on the market, the benefit to using my elixirs is that I personally charge them for my clients. Firstly, I charge them with the crystal's inherent frequency, then with the intentions that are specific to my clients needs, i.e., self love, gentleness, manifestation energies and also with any elemental energies that may be called for. Additionally, the crystals that I use in treatments are the same crystals I use in making the gem elixirs, which ensures that the specific frequencies that you are exposed to in a CRT™ session are the same as the elixir. The benefit of this is that your energy field is already attuned to the elixir, as well with the energies I work with and will more readily go into alignment with these familiar energetic frequencies.