tickled pink: new custom-made talisman

 This lovely little custom- made talisman was a complete joy to make! It holds within it the power of union and connection with self, others and spirit, this talisman is a true beacon for love.
Its base is a shell I collected as a child on the Boulanderie shore in Cape Breton, where my family hails from. Under the pink ribbon is a small clear, glass marble with a tiny bubble in its centre that I found recently when gardening.
The centerpiece is a vintage shell clip-on earring, circa 1940 that is surrounded in pearl like beads that have been hand strung and wrapped to hold it all securely and lovingly in place. This talisman is precious and delicate with a whimsy that speaks to romance.

 With all of the shells in it this talismans holds a great deal of water energy. The shells are also a bone of sort, which gives the piece the more balancing and grounded element of the earth. Grounding and flowing with emotion this talisman holds a seed within its pink wrapping waiting to unfurl.

 The final wrapping used a kraft colored box wrapped in gauze, pink and blue ribbon and then adorned with rose and clear quartz beads.  Again all aspects of the creation process within this piece were delightful! The individual requested the commission after an energy healing session and left it to me to "divine" the piece that would be perfect for her on this leg of her personal and spiritual journey.

Dimensions:   2 x 1.5x 1" 
Materials: collected shell, vintage shell clip on earrings circa 1940's, found small class marble, pink ribbon, silver colored wire and pearlised micro-beads  
© June 2011 Leslie Peters