Hemimophite and Smithsonite

As promised this post will continue on revealing my smithsonite and hemimorphite explorations! I gave some background in the Gemboree Adventure post about the trace element zinc that is present both these stones, now I will touch on some of the energetic experiences and information I have gotten from working with and researching these lovely crystals.

hemimorphite specimen purchased at the Bancroft Gemboree
My first experience with the hemimorphite was when it “came” into a session energetically right onto the heart chakra, it seemed to nestle right in there (Sometimes if a stone is not in the room with me during a session and I get the intuition to use it I will bring it in energetically rather than leave the room to go get it). This all happened before I meditated with it myself, which I found very interesting… I took this as a sign that this particular piece was the first one I would work with and share with you. While all stones of a particular type will share energetic properties ultimately each individual stone has its own signature.

In this case the stone I am talking about is this lovely sea blue horseshoe shaped piece. When I researched the blue variety of hemimorphite specifically it was said to be linked to the heart chakra and then when I meditated with this particular piece boy oh boy did that confirm the heart chakra connection. I immediately felt this stone in my heart; it caused a couple of palpitations that manifested as a quick clearing of some energetic debris that was just ready to be released. As the meditation went on the energy moved into my throat and again felt quite cleansing, in this case soothing as well. Then to my surprise it moved right up into my third eye, where I experienced this feeling of expansion and again clearing. It had a real watery quality to it, but again the way the energy moved and felt it also could be a storm element stone. In this case I will say its both water and storm. After the meditation I experienced intense energy moving throughout my body, clearing away debris right down to my base chakra, it made me feel like I really needed to stretch and move. This was an amazing cleansing and ultimately energizing crystal encounter, Several hours later I can feel the impact and I look forward to watching things unfold over the next 24 hours!

smithsonite specimans purchased at the Bancroft Gemboree
The first piece of smithsonite I bought was this lovely lavender pink piece (the stone on the right side of the picture), it felt so soft, gentle and loving when I first picked it up and even though pink as a colour throws me off a little I new this delicate yet powerful healing energy was seriously needed at this time. A friend later told me about how smithsonite enhances the psychic connection between the healer and client if both are holding a piece during a session. This of course for me is very useful information to have! Thanks Silla!

The meditation I just did with this wonderful specimen confirmed my first instinct that it is a very loving and gentle energy. Like the hemimorphite the energy was felt immediately in my heart chakra but the way it felt was very different than the hemimorphites quick agility and no nonsense kind of clearing. This piece of smithsonite went directly to the heart but with a very gentle, compassionate and soft energy that moved from the heart to the upper heart area tenderly releasing old grief and heartache. All this time it was a very soft energy, it was still intense but it was more fluid, no question this is a water element stone. When thinking of how I could aptly describe its energy I had images of little fluffy clouds (almost angelic but not wind energy), wisps of pastel vapor in water, almost milky in texture come to mind. A sensation that describes the energy is the feeling of tall seaweed swaying back and forth in a subtle current of an almost still lake.

This crystal also worked on my throat and third eye chakras, it was as if the energy was moving out of my throat and 3rd eye chakra and being released through my breath, through a lot of sighing and deep, outward, open mouthed breathing which made the release quicker. Although this was a powerful release it continually maintained a quite loving, gentle and ultimately kind hearted feeling.  All that said smithsonite, in all its ranges of colours,  accesses the emotional body on all levels and teaches us about divine unconditional love, joy, peace and communication.

Bancroft Gemboree Adventure

This past month I went to the 47th Annual Gemboree Rock and mineral show in Bancroft Ontario, apparently the largest gem show in Ontario. It was held, small town Ontario style, in two arenas with a mini bus shuttle between. Oh the smell of arenas and the mini school bus transported me to my youth, a truly special experience in small town living. I spent two days at the show the first day just  surveying, feeling out the place, the stones the sellers and of course the prices. There was something for everyone really, jewelry sculptures, mineral specimens of all sizes, shapes and prices. It was overwhelming to say the least. I bought a couple of things but in the end decided to sleep on it to see what stones were calling out to me the loudest, what did I truly need at this time and what was lacking from my collection that my clients would benefit from.

After a fitful rest full of swirling colors, glittering gems, and an energetic smorgasbord of chemical compositions I awoke with very little clarity. All I could do was go back and trust I would find what I needed. Again I did one arena then the other then back again finally ready to buy. My lot included one large piece of carnelian, 2 smaller pieces, both palm size (one raw and one polished), a lepidiolite pendulum, some diopside and serpentine from Quebec and a bunch of smaller samples of gems I have never worked with before.

My biggest purchases and ultimate favorites are the three pieces of hemimorphite and two pieces of smithsonite I snatched up. I have yet to do full meditations with each of them but I am very excited to so soon. The research I have been doing in the meantime has led me to realize that they both are zinc-based minerals and at one time they were considered to be the same stone, which was then called calamine. But the chemical analysis is in fact different; smithsonite is a carbonate mineral ZnCO3 and hemimorphite is a silicate mineral Zn4Si2O7(OH)2·H2O. So it made so much sense that I was attracted to both of them quite strongly, seems I need some serious zinc energy! The trace mineral Zinc is a fire energy element, smithsonite is classified as a water element stone and hemimoiphite as storm energy (storm is essentially all the elemental energies at once). So this mix is an interesting one indeed!

After saying all of that there was one other stone that I was eyeing very seriously and that was zincite, again another zinc based crystal, this one has some serious fire energy, it was buzzing away when I held it, and was almost too much for me. The zincite I had seen before came in very small shards but this was a big chunky crystal. I asked the dealer about this size variation and he told me the story of where it had come from. Apparently these large zincite crystals were produced in the vents of old zinc smelting plants in Poland. The crystals were a byproduct of this antiquated technology. All the specimens were recovered in the 90’s and are now quite difficult to come by. Even though they are not “naturally” formed they are sought after in both the healing and mineral collector communities. I can really see the draw, in the few minutes of holding one my experience energetically was quite intense. Although in the end I didn’t buy one, sadly it was outside of my budget, I will be keeping my eyes open for these in the future.

Well that’s all I have to say about my serious zinc experience in Bancroft! I will do a more in depth coverage on smithsonite and hemimorphite in the coming weeks! Until then…

all images courtesy of Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com

Opal Owl: August 2010 Newsletter

August 2010 Newsletter

The Power of Peridot
Thinking of August and what stone to feature this month, I thought I would look to see what the August birthstone is. To my pleasant surprise, it is one of my favorites (okay, I do have a lot of favorites): peridot! To put it in a nutshell, these stones are amazing little gems full of positive power.

Peridot is an earth energy stone and a wonderful ally when connecting with the subtle realms of nature. This is a strong stone of manifestation that allows you to gently expand and learn to receive from the universe. It is a heart healer on both the physical and emotional planes, and a wonderful support when recovering from inhalant addictions like tobacco. There is something about the green of these summer months and the healing effects of peridot that go hand in hand for me. It's like soaking up the loving energy of a nature when you have a piece on your heart chakra. Peridot teaches you the wonders of receiving unconditional love in a world that is so often wrought with conditions.

In Crystal Resonance Therapy, the chemical compositions of minerals play an important part in the analysis and healing process. The chemical composition of peridot is (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4; Mg (magnesium) is a soothing mineral that calms the nervous system and Fe (iron) grounds light energy, from the metaphysical level into the physical body. It is the amount of iron present in the stone that determines its colour, which ranges from light to dark olive green.

Opal Owl: August Special
When you initiate your healing journey in most modalities, your first session is often the start of an ongoing process. While in certain instances one session is enough to work through a particular issue, most clients benefit from regular ongoing energetic work. Energy work is cumulative and results happen over time, just like the cumulative effects of an exercise program.

My role as a Crystal Resonance Therapist and Reiki Practitioner is to act as your facilitator, to guide and support you on your healing journey. You lead the show and I support you through the process of personal empowerment, self-growth and resolving and releasing energetic patterns of past traumas. The beauty of this work is that only the things that you are ready to work through will ever come up in a session. Often clients have worked through issues via talk therapy, but don’t feel fully resolved with them at some level. This often happens when we are still retaining or holding these patterns in our energy bodies. Crystal Resonance Therapy and Reiki can clear these energetic patterns and assist you releasing them, providing relief and ultimately helping to shift deeply ingrained patterns.

I am offering a 2-for-1 opportunity, so that you can experience the cumulative effects of this kind of healing process firsthand. I recommend that you have the 2 sessions no more that 2 weeks apart, which will allow for time to integrate the last session and to have momentum to build upon. Book your initial session during the month of August to receive this 2-for-1 special.

Have a wonderful month!

Leslie Peters
- Reiki Practitioner and certified Crystal Resonance Therapist

Peridot image courtesy of Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com