Awaken your Crystals: Worshop

Awaken your Crystals
July 14, 2015, 6:30 to 7:30
image courtesy of Rob Lavinsky,
In this one hour workshop you will
 learn how to awaken and connect with your crystals.

Crystal Resonance Therapist and Reiki Practitioner Leslie Peters will discuss the importance of connecting with your crystals; lead you in guided meditation to deepen your relationship with them so you can use them more effectively.  

Please bring one crystal and a notebook.

$10 per person - contact for more info. 
Sliding scale available
Wonderworks - 25 Baldwin St., Toronto

Peridot: an Excellent Ally

The little, lilac colored, mineral that could change your life!
image courtesy of Rob Lavinsky
Seriously this crystal totally rocks and can help you get some rest ...

Do you toss and turn?
Does your mind never stop?
Do you worry and fret all hours of the night?

Many of my clients suffer from insomnia and with a daily practice of hanging with this little guy you are bound to see the results.

Why Lepidolite?
Lepidolite is a lithium based mineral that soothes and balances one's emotions and calms the mind. It helps slow things down... 
  • over active mind 
  • excessive worry / fear
  • hyperactivity
  • insomnia due to stress

How does it work?
  • You need to come into resonance with the stone. 
  • To be immersed in the stone's frequency.

How does that happen?
  • Working with a Crystal Resonance Therapist who will bring you into full resonance with the stones energy. 
  • Use an elixir, in the bath, take drops 
  • Keep your system in alignment with the crystal's frequency.
Contact Leslie to book a session or to inquire about elixirs!

For those of you who, like me, love crystals for their beauty as much as their healing energy here are a couple more stunning pieces. NATURE MADE THIS!?!? it astounds me every time!
image courtesy of Rob Lavinsky

image courtesy of Rob Lavinsky

image courtesy of Rob Lavinsky