Hummingbird Wand

I recently completed this wand and thought I would share it with you as it has a different feel than many of my talismans. I have a real facination and affinity with trees and a VERY abundant collection of branches I have gathered from my travels within and outside of the city. I never take branches from trees that are living but rather seize the opportunity of collecting fallen branches as gifts from the trees :)

This other worldly wand is over the top measuring in at just over three feet long!

The shaft of this magical wand is a  magical elm branch collected by the artist in a little-known grove within the heart of the big city. The handle is carefully wrapped in crimson ribbon topped with a golden colored hummingbird fetish with faux ruby eyes and dappled crystalline body. This fantastical wand is lovingly adorned with dangling beads of carnelian and coral, pinecones and stars, crosses and sparkly faux diamonds.

This is a delicate piece to be used for special occasions or even displayed year round on the wall.

The energy of this crimson beauty is many; the hummingbird imparts joy and adds a delicate breeze, the element of wind. Carnelian, a fire element stone, stirs passion and awakens the fire within, coral stimulates intuition and creativity while quieting the emotions and creating peace.

Elm trees carry the energy of intuition as well and they are favorite tree of the wood elves, this wand will help you to attune to these more ethereal beings. Elm helps you to hear your inner call with magical work and to become attuned to the Nature Realm.

materials: elm branch, red ribbon, carnelian, coral and agate beads, various metal baubles.

Email me at  if you want more information, are interested in purchasing this wand or are interested in ordering a custom-made wand.