Retreat (Strength)

I'm preparing for a week long residential meditation retreat out of town and it's ironic how much rushing around happens just to get ready to sit quietly for a week. Realising this, as I'm spinning around packing and tying up loose ends, has really allowed me to slow down a bit. To try to be in "what is" and know that everything is fine just the way it is unfolding. The whole point of all this is to bring this mindfulness and practice into my daily life, right?!?!?! Well here goes!

from the crow's magick tarot deck
I've been pulling a tarot card each morning for daily reflection and have had a whole host of wand cards show up in the past two weeks, action and fire. I have been busily using that force to get my shit together! Yesterday I pulled a card to help me frame the retreat, it was the Strength card (Leo). This card makes me think about balance; accepting one's wildness and harnessing that power so it can work for, instead of against. The Maiden and the Lion come together. As said on "Strength is about combining two strengths to overcome weakness... putting these two strengths together creates perseverance, personal honor, and courage". The Shambhala path is the path of the warrior, its about being fearless to be who you really are and then holding that in a place of tenderness, kindness and compassion. This is the most courageous act I know, this is Strength. 

Inner Kindness

I have been working away on all kinds of administrative tasks today and I kept forgetting that my keyboard was malfunctioning. Basicaly each time I go to use a question mark it adds in a totally different character! Talk about frustrating! Over and over again... I could not seem to remember that I had to copy and paste it in from a different document. So over and over again I would curse myself for forgetting! After about the 10th time I really became aware of how harsh I was being on myself for this little mistake and how it was really negatively impacting my workflow. I thought I am gonna try something a little different and incorporate some mindfulness into this. And again, each time it happened I would start to lean towards an aggressive inner voice, but now, I was catching myself just as it was about to happen. Instead of being mean, now each time it happened, I smiled a little and softened around the repeated mistake. Eventually it shifted completely and became a kind of a sweet affirmation to be more gentle and kind to myself. What a gift that silly keyboard malfunction has given me today. I urge you to try something like this when you hear that agressive meanie-pants voice starting to kick in.


The athame's primary use is for ritual and magical purposes, to direct energy, to cut cords etc. The athame is used to invoke and banish things that are unwanted or needed. It is considered to be an extension of your power, a ritual object, for only ritual use. It is akin to the sword and resonates with the element of air, the mind and higher plane.

Opal Owl athame's are made using found and vintage kitchen knives and other types of blades. They are embellished with crystals, feathers, cord, leather and other symbolic materials and colors to create specific energetic patterns and aesthetics to suit each athames owner. The athame's are energetically cleared and consecrated before they are sold.

Custom athames and other healing tools are available as well. To see more images click HERE

Please contact for more info.

Crystal Awakenings Workshop
With Leslie Peters, Crystal Resonance Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

In this one hour workshop you will learn how to awaken and connect with your crystals. Leslie will discuss the importance of connecting with your crystals and lead you in guided meditation to deepen your relationship with your crystals. Bring one crystal and a notebook. If you have taken this course already feel free to sign up again to connect with a different crystal from your collection.

Tuesday November 10th 6:30 to 7:30 
Tuesday December 1st  6:30 to 7:30 

$10 or PWYC
contact for more info.
        Wonderworks, 25 Baldwin St. Toronto

Crystal Gift Consultations

This lovely collection is part of a gift I'm consulting on... 

I'm really loving the process of helping the gift giver figure out their intent and what energy and feeling do they want to impart?  Its a joy supporting the whole process... starting with purchasing, cleansing, and connecting with each ‪#‎crystal  ‬to gather specific information, writing personalized instructions and final packaging as well! This really is a special process and a beautiful way of giving from the ‪#‎heart‬