Inner Kindness

I have been working away on all kinds of administrative tasks today and I kept forgetting that my keyboard was malfunctioning. Basicaly each time I go to use a question mark it adds in a totally different character! Talk about frustrating! Over and over again... I could not seem to remember that I had to copy and paste it in from a different document. So over and over again I would curse myself for forgetting! After about the 10th time I really became aware of how harsh I was being on myself for this little mistake and how it was really negatively impacting my workflow. I thought I am gonna try something a little different and incorporate some mindfulness into this. And again, each time it happened I would start to lean towards an aggressive inner voice, but now, I was catching myself just as it was about to happen. Instead of being mean, now each time it happened, I smiled a little and softened around the repeated mistake. Eventually it shifted completely and became a kind of a sweet affirmation to be more gentle and kind to myself. What a gift that silly keyboard malfunction has given me today. I urge you to try something like this when you hear that agressive meanie-pants voice starting to kick in.


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