What is a Wand?

A witch’s wand is used to invoke the element of air or fire (depending upon the tradition), as an extension of the arm used to project energy and also to designate a sacred space for magical work.

While the function of the wand is similar to that of the athame, the wand is used more for magical work concerning communication, and material action and projects, in the physical world. Use a wand to communicate an intention to the universe as the culmination of a spell.

Opal Owl wands are made using branches and other found wand like materials, including glass objects and vintage fire pokers etc.. They are embellished with crystals, feathers, cord, leather and other symbolic materials and colors to create specific energetic patterns and aesthetics to suit each wands owner. The wands are cleared and consecrated before they are sold.

Wands resonate with the fire element and the wands or staffs found within tarot. more images


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